Accurate Forex Alerts – Fact Or Fiction?

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Forex alerts are what many investors use to determine the direction of their investment strategy and they can either be given by brokers or Forex systems programmes. This article will discuss the credibility of their claims, by investigating their root philosophy and the methods in which these data alerts are mined and presented to you. Let us talk about brokers and how they use Forex alerts. This alerts are more often than not, given to you based on exhaustive research done on some main pillars of Forex research. One, the alerts are given to you based on how the market has reacted based on conditions of the economic and political climate.

Years and years of market psychology and reactions to certain scenarios have revealed to many Forex analysts the fact that the market actually rests into general and even specific patterns which can be predicted. Some of these issues include ‘flight to quality’, when the market shifts their dollars to a specific currency which seems to hold strong over certain situations. Trader perceptions also affect the Forex market, with long term trends and economic numbers being used heavily to leverage on market psychology, which allows for predictable patterns to be realised. The determinants of FX rates are also based on key political and economic issues, and these are placed within the quotient when developing the formula needed to give you these FX alerts.

For example, when talking about economic conditions, analysts often look at conditions like international parity conditions, the purchasing power parity, the interest rates of central banks and even aspects like the International Fisher effect. Balance of payments models and asset market models are also tools used by these brokerages to assess the behaviour of currencies and give you a good projection of their movements. Other economic factors also include the patterns of government spending, their economic plans, budget deficits or surpluses, the health and balances of trade among international powers, the levels of inflation as well as the overall economic growth of specific member countries as well as the superstructure of the world economy.

They also take into account political conditions like wars between member states, political upheaval. The recent violence in Russia, Georgia, Thailand and the Gaza insurgency are political data that can be used to assess market psychology and behaviour. Forex programmes use live price feeds, exchange rates and economic numbers, crunch these figures and translate them into usable data and alerts. In co-operation, these two forms of Forex alerts are extremely useful in gaining leverage over the market and allowing you to make good investment decisions when strategising over the paper trade. In the end of the day, Forex alerts are great because they represent a great amount of research – which lends itself to its almost accurate nature.


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